About The Book

The Medford Remains

Decades after Thomas Circling Eagle’s suicide, his wallet is discovered buried in an abandoned barn. That puzzling fact intrigues his now grown son Richard, especially because its contents contradict the suicide assumption and include a reference to mysterious human remains uncovered in the wilderness near Medford, WI. Disturbed by these revelations, Richard starts on a quest for the truth. As he delves into his father’s past, he discovers a troubled man who loved his family but made many enemies. During his investigation, Richard also unearthes clues to his mother’s unexplained disappearance at the time of his father’s demise. To pursue leads, he enrolls the help of his sister Mary, his brother-in-law Bob, and a detective friend, unaware a crafty Trickster is stalking the family and will stop at nothing to protect his dangerous secrets. While the evil shadow lurks close by, Richard finally sees through the lies and deceits and confronts great danger to the stop the Trickster’s reign of terror before he strikes again.

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