The medford remains

a circling eagle mystery

Jackie Sereno

About The Author

Born and raised in France, JACKIE SERENO is a retired educator and author of the Circling Eagle Mystery Series novels “Breaking Ground” and “The Medford Remains”. She’s also been published in the Sisters in Crime’s Desert Sleuths Chapter’s 2013 Anthology “SoWest: Crime Time”. The inspiration for the Circling Eagle Series comes from her husband, a member of the Yaqui Tribe of Arizona who encouraged her to explore uniquely Native American issues, and from her fond memories of the state of Wisconsin. She enjoys traveling and is a voracious reader.

The Medford Remains

About The Book

Decades after Thomas Circling Eagle’s suicide, his wallet is discovered buried in an abandoned barn. That puzzling fact intrigues his now grown son Richard, especially because its contents contradict the suicide assumption and include a reference to mysterious human remains uncovered in the wilderness near Medford, WI. Disturbed by these revelations, Richard starts on a quest for the truth. As he delves into his father’s past, he discovers a troubled man who loved his family but made many enemies. During his investigation, Richard also unearthes clues to his mother’s unexplained disappearance at the time of his father’s demise. To pursue leads, he enrolls the help of his sister Mary, his brother-in-law Bob, and a detective friend, unaware a crafty Trickster is stalking  family and will stop at nothing to protect his dangerous secrets. While the evil shadow lurks close by, Richard finally sees through the lies and deceits and confronts great danger to  stop the Trickster’s reign of terror before he strikes again.

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Mary Gomez
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Thriller mystery genre has always seemed to attract me, and literature books written by brilliant authors execute this genre flawlessly when depicting plots full of suspense, mystery, unpredictable twists and turns, and lots of plot twists. These are the particular aspects that keep my mind devoured as I turn every page. "Medford Remains'' by author Jackie Sereno has drafted such kind of novel, which is an epitome of utter suspense and mystery as the story proceeds further. Surely, Richard suffered a lot of tragic and mental torture, including the demise of his father, the unforeseen reveal of his uncle's true identity, unfolding of everything that Delsin kept hidden for years. Indeed it was a lot to absorb by the end of part 2 of the book, but then things started to settle once justice prevailed in part 3. And the man who was the culprit of the heinous act was put behind bars. Again, every line and page kept me gripped and biting my nails when plot twists and cliffhangers brought dead ends for Richard. But in the end, the conclusion satisfied me to the point I never imagined! A must-read book for all fiction lovers!
Bobby Evans
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My choice in reading literature books is very specific, but when a friend recommended to me a crime thriller genre book 'Medford Remains' by author Jackie Sereno, I immensely enjoyed reading every part of it! This book is a complete masterpiece of crime fiction and unraveling the criminal act. The plot is flawlessly executed, and the characters, especially the protagonist, never give up on his bitter journey of figuring out the mysteries behind his father's alleged suicide and his mother's disappearance. I specifically appreciated the author's attempt to present hints about how discriminatory acts were taken against Richard, who is a Native American, and how he still managed to keep his morale high and courageously embarked on a journey to discover his family secrets. The story is not merely based on fictional events. But it also reflects the bitter realities of this culture, how jealousy and hatred could push a man to commit heinous crimes he could never imagine, and how blood relations could stab you in the back without the victim even realizing it!
Richard Smith
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Finding a book that is wholly based on the hardships and struggles of a simple man who is endeavoring and fighting all odds to uncover vicious family secrets, surpassing all obstacles in his way, could be a bit challenging. But one such book that cleared the checklist and has all flavors of the storyline is 'Medford Remains' by author Jackie Sereno. This book has diverged into three parts; part 1 unfolds with the narrative of Delsin, his family, and his abusive father, somewhat a negative draft of the story. But then, part 2 follows Richard and his keen observation skills that unfolded everything that Delsin kept discreet for years. Finally, part 3 unravels all puzzles and ultimately leads him to his father's murderer, who was his uncle all along. After their parents had gone missing, his uncle, who was the culprit all that time, took care of him and his sister. Jackie has flawlessly maintained the book's theme, which revolves around a man searching for answers. A tale about a journey that is full of mystery, suspense, and family quarrels led by one dark soul that utterly destroyed the whole family.
Tina James
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Writing thriller novels require a lot of diligence and preciseness while keeping the main plot intact and the readers guessing what’ll happen next! Jackie Sereno has portrayed a perfect crime thriller fiction book ‘Medford Remains’ as one-of-a-kind that does not reveal the intricacies of the suspense until the reader reaches the end of the book! And truly, this novel was a complete page-turner for me; every character played an important role in maintaining the integrity of the plot, which flawlessly follows till the end. Tangled in his messed-up family secrets, Richard sets out to unravel everything that a relative kept hidden from him. And a man behind his father’s murder who acted like a chameleon till the suspiciousness drew him out of the shadows and finally revealed his true colors. In the end, when Delsin feels the guilt of abandoning his twin sister when she needed him the most in her difficult times is what the story teaches us the lesson that nothing is ever erased, and everyone has to face the consequences of their doing!
Donis Casey
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Why do some people overcome injustice and the cruelty of their youth and others are forever ruined by them? That is one of Trickster's tragic jokes. Two young Native American men cross paths as they are aging out of foster care in the 1960s, and their meeting sets an evil in motion that carries forward through decades - until one man's son discovers that nothing about his family’s past is as he was raised to believe. Jackie Sereno’s tale of illusions, twists, and lies will grab you from the beginning and keep you turning pages until the shocking end.